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7909 370d 16h leency / cmm tabs: slightly better implementation  
7896 372d 18h leency / update icons16.png, fix several skins and remove a couple of insane ones  
7826 383d 17h leency /skins/Leency/Vaporwave/ fix vaporwave  
7825 383d 18h leency /skins/Leency/Vaporwave/ fix vaporwave tupfile  
7821 386d 10h leency / Fix KosChess game, fix Tynypad Italian lables, add Vaporwave skin  
7753 416d 03h leency /skins/Leency/Shkvorka/ Default skin Shkvorka: trying to fit into a single sector  
7710 487d 19h leency /skins/ move ConLenov's skins to his personal folder  
7709 487d 19h leency /skins/ Upload ConLenov/mntech skin  
7699 565d 20h leency /skins/ add LucidCream by ConLenov to SVN and Distro  
7691 615d 23h leency /skins/ skins: use global  
7690 615d 23h leency /skins/LucidChocolate/ fix build  
7689 615d 23h leency /skins/ skins: use global  
7688 616d 00h leency /skins/LucidChocolate/ add ruler to build default.dtp  
7687 616d 00h leency /skins/ skins: add LucidChocolate by ConLenov  
7637 754d 06h leency / icons32.png: new folder and unknown file icons
genfiles: bigger fonts
new skin Workbench
Eolite scroll new style
7609 794d 06h leency / menu: fix fceu link
more fixes in skins
fix typo in hardware_support.htm
turn on speaker by default
7608 794d 06h leency /skins/ A lot of fixes in skins  
7596 797d 07h leency /skins/_old/ fix 3d light in skins Panther and Lightskin  
7595 797d 08h leency /skins/ delete panther skin duplication  
7589 797d 17h leency /skins/ add HydrogenOS and ObsidianOS skins to autobuild  

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