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7102 1433d 12h 0CodErr /skins/Leency/Shkvorka/ fix SkinMargins.Right  
6925 1563d 12h leency /skins/Leency/KNX/ upload skin KNX  
6743 1764d 13h leency / replace Run by RunOD  
6728 1768d 10h leency / skins: upload ObsidianOS skin  
6651 1785d 11h leency / CMM: create pattern select_list (Yeah!), use in clipview, appearance; Blueberries skin small fixes  
6649 1786d 06h leency / Blueberries update, cmm dui fixes for dark skins  
6216 2048d 03h leency / Aelia: fix check_is_the_adress_local(), slighter font smooth
calc: fix dec-hex-bin 3d style button appearance
Blueberries skin: update
6207 2049d 02h leency / use autobuild default.skn instead prebuild file  
6206 2049d 02h leency /skins/Leency/ fix autobuild x_x'  
6205 2049d 02h leency /skins/ fix autobuild -_-''  
6204 2049d 03h leency /skins/Leency/ fix autobuild -_-'  
6203 2049d 03h leency /skins/Leency/ fix autobuild  
6202 2049d 03h leency /skins/ fix autobuild #2, sorry  
6201 2049d 03h leency /skins/Leency/ fix autobuild  
6199 2049d 03h leency /skins/ Add new Blueberries skin  
6170 2053d 09h leency / skincfg: remove old non-skinned window, gui fixes  
6161 2054d 07h leency / Shkvorka: set 3d_light and 3d_dark colors  
6033 2086d 22h leency / default.skn: update to Shkvorka 2.1, move arcanii game to cd version, desktop app: wider buttons  
6012 2095d 12h leency /skins/_old/Leency/ Shkvorka: update colors  
6010 2097d 10h leency /skins/_old/Leency/ Shkvorka: update button color, add bordered version  

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