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9292 9d 05h leency /skins/ last skin color fix  
9291 9d 05h leency /skins/_old/ this must be the last skin color fix (I very hope)  
9290 9d 06h leency /skins/ clean and fix skins  
9226 29d 21h ConLenov /skins/ Add 8Metro skin from ConLenov  
9225 29d 21h ConLenov /skins/ConLenov/8Metro/ Add 8Metro skin from ConLenov  
9001 148d 05h leency /skins/ConLenov/Guzel_magic/ Guzel_magic/default.dtp.asm: fix light/dark color and update button color for better contrast  
9000 148d 09h leency /skins/ fix 2  
8999 148d 09h leency /skins/ fix  
8998 148d 09h leency /skins/ skins: clean and update  
8920 160d 18h leency /skins/ clean skins + update skins (nix, subsilv, luna)  
8895 162d 16h leency / clean skins, small fixes in icons16.png  
8894 163d 03h leency /skins/Leency/Oasis/ sorry  
8893 163d 03h leency /skins/ new skin Oasis  
8889 163d 04h leency /skins/ fix path  
8888 163d 04h leency /skins/ and more skins clean  
8887 163d 05h leency /skins/ more skins clean...  
8886 163d 05h leency /skins/_old/humanoid_OSX/Humanoid_OSX_dark_night/ ups fix build  
8885 163d 05h leency /skins/ clean skins  
8884 163d 06h leency /skins/ fix build  
8883 163d 06h leency /skins/ clean skins  

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