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8827 10d 14h rgimad /programs/system/shell/ SHELL 0.8.2
- big refactoring, now uses libc.obj
- added kfetch command
7802 432d 13h rgimad /programs/system/shell/ SHELL 0.8 changelog
- added mv command
- added ren command
- now ls works also with relative pathes
- fixed bug in strrchr
6862 1593d 18h siemargl /programs/system/shell/ startup workdir fix  
6857 1597d 23h siemargl /programs/system/shell/ better cp, 64-bit fileops  
6826 1628d 14h siemargl /programs/system/shell/ fix touch and much more  
4109 2796d 12h leency /programs/system/shell/ SHELL: fix for #3988  
4106 2796d 16h Albom / Shell 0.7.2. 1) .shell moved to /sys/settings. 2) "cd .." command fixed.  
3988 2814d 13h leency /programs/system/shell/ SHELL 0.6.4: relative passes support for scripts  
3245 3049d 00h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell v0.6. See History.txt.  
2617 3355d 00h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell: ls command fix, other small fixes  
1647 3911d 21h Nasarus /programs/system/ 1. Shell updated to 0.4.4. Author: Albom
2. @SS [ScreenSaver] now reacts to key pressing
959 4573d 23h leency /programs/system/shell/ Shell 0.4 from Albom