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661 5029d 01h ataualpa /programs/ Some programs now use window style Y=4  
633 5059d 03h diamond /programs/system/ * @panel from Alver with corrections for minimize/restore button
* icon: corrected restart of all icons with 'Apply'
622 5069d 01h spraid /programs/ iconstrp.gif by leency  
605 5102d 22h kaitz / Updated Tinypad translation
Translated rdsave
Kernel bootcode updates for Estonian
604 5107d 18h Rus /programs/system/rb/trunk/ @RB
- bug-fix and optimization
602 5107d 23h Rus /programs/system/panel/trunk/ bag-fix of commit 601  
601 5108d 00h Rus /programs/system/panel/trunk/ @Panel
- added close context menu
600 5108d 05h Lrz /programs/system/run/trunk/ Update source cod  
598 5110d 20h spraid / New iconstrp.gif for ICON by Leency
loader_doc.txt (by use bx register to set system directory)
596 5112d 01h spraid /programs/system/icon/trunk/ New iconstrp.gif for ICON by Leency  
588 5115d 07h diamond / Load/eject CD/DVD device tray moved from sysfn 70 to sysfn 24 (see sysfunc*),
because these actions do not involve file system.
587 5118d 01h Ghost /programs/system/pcidev/branches/ PCIDEV port (use new PCI API)  
585 5118d 22h mario79 / The universal cache of IDE devices.
Step 2:
1) Realized cache ATAPI device (CD\DVD).
2) Lock\Unlock ATAPI device for working with cache.
3) Eject (F70/10) and Load (F70/11) tray of ATAPI device.
4) Application CD_tray for control of tray ATAPI device.
552 5146d 02h diamond /programs/ * new version of, common for all programs which use GIF
* restored because it is needed for normal compilation of
one program with build_ru.bat
551 5148d 23h spraid /programs/ in some programs set not sized changed window  
539 5163d 03h spraid /programs/ changed path to /sys in some programs  
532 5167d 10h diamond /programs/ * pic4, rdsave, cpuid: size optimization
* @ss: decrease used memory & time requirements, size optimization
* @panel: if there is only one window, Alt+[Shift+]Tab activates it
* jpegview: IPC service to unpack JPEG data for other apps
* chess: bmp-file is now inlined
* @ss, chess moved to more appropriate place in file structure
529 5172d 04h spraid / change path to "/sys" in some programs.
in build_all.bat: delete after compiling
delete /kernel/trunk/lib
528 5172d 05h diamond /programs/system/desktop/trunk/ desktop supports command line parameter <skin-name>  
524 5177d 09h diamond /programs/system/ desktop, skinsel: load skin with new kernel  

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