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7786 430d 08h leency /programs/ @menu: return to orthodox flat design  
7432 988d 20h leency / Kiv: use app.ini
Icons32: fixes and optimisation, several updated icons (also thanks Lev)
7431 989d 07h leency /programs/ Calc:
- fix unworkable hotkeys broken in r4588
- add hotkeys: A-F for HEX, Enter for getting result and Delete to resent number
- instantly update display when press +,-,/,*
Board: move boardlog.txt to /tmp0
Eskin: refactor and optimize code
6216 1951d 23h leency / Aelia: fix check_is_the_adress_local(), slighter font smooth
calc: fix dec-hex-bin 3d style button appearance
Blueberries skin: update
6215 1952d 04h leency /programs/ calc: a bit more flexible GUI  
6214 1952d 04h leency /programs/other/calc/trunk/ calc 1.4: better gui, big fonts  
5673 2145d 06h leency /programs/other/calc/trunk/ Calc 1.35: use big font for number display  
5547 2277d 20h leency /programs/other/calc/trunk/ calc: return to system colors  
5098 2471d 04h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
4935 2582d 04h Akyltist /programs/other/calc/trunk/ calc fix: sys_colors_new  
4934 2582d 05h Akyltist /programs/other/calc/trunk/ calc - use system colors  
3625 2932d 08h dunkaist /programs/other/calc/trunk/ align button captions in proper way, finally  
2745 3300d 06h dunkaist /programs/other/calc/trunk/ calc: better vertical align of digits on buttons, basic skin height handling, window width increased (visual fix)  
974 4565d 00h heavyiron /programs/other/calc/trunk/ small fix 967 revision - removed duplicated code  
967 4566d 11h leency /programs/other/calc/trunk/ changing skin procedure moved to draw_window (calc)  
822 4726d 01h diamond /programs/other/calc/trunk/ fixed ftoa procedure in calculator (fixed bug reported by Albom)  
551 5109d 23h spraid /programs/ in some programs set not sized changed window  
485 5153d 05h heavyiron / *kernel - fixes in 15.2 by Mario79 and 67 by mike.dld
updated sysfunc.txt
new icons and logo for CPUID and ICON
added new version of @ICON and ICONMNGR
fixes in iconedit and calendar from DedOK
new algoritm of fill background in pic4
all apps (fasm-writen only) rewriten to use common for easy recompile in fastcall mode (there is a bug in https; run need rewrite to use common
small fixes in build_all.bat script
382 5222d 21h heavyiron /programs/other/calc/trunk/ calc 1.32 - fixed arccos  
205 5342d 05h heavyiron / Kernel: Smoothing image code from Mario79, build scripts for skin and drivers/build.bat
Programs: fasm updated to 1.67.14, small fixes in desktop, stackcfg, calc, board, pipes, freecell, big cleanup of unused programs, added some applications from distr...

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