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9820 197 d 1 h dunkaist / Move weather.json config to /kolibrios

Weather app was moved to /kolibrios a year ago, move its config there
too. There is no reason for the config to be in img since nobody in img
uses it.

Also, update Weather to look for its config not only in /sys but also
in /kolibrios.
9781 226 d 9 h vitalkrilov /programs/ added feature (which was expected to be) of custom HELPERDIR for some Tupfile's (btw there are still many files with same problem)  
9778 229 d 3 h vitalkrilov /programs/other/graph/branches/tcc_current/ Graph (branch: tcc_current):
- Code refactoring
- Optimization of code (for example, log2(n) searching) and memory usage
- Some possible memory corruption fixed
- Previous graph will be erased from window if error occured
- Fixed bug with provided array of non-sorted points: so now you can pass points in any order
- Fixed important bug with graphic rendering (big thanks to turbocat for asm rounding function)
- Changed error messages; now you can see line/byte of file where syntax error is; added checking if provided frame of graph is invalid
- Autochoosing of an optimal single step for both axises
- Added support for reading any number of different functions. You will have to end previous function with ';' if you want to pass another one. They will be rendered on a graph in order you passed them.
9764 237 d 23 h vitalkrilov /programs/ Graph (branch: tcc_current): now you can provide a filename, when calling a program from shell, which should be opened on start.
tcc: ksys.h: added "const" to string argument of _ksys_debug_puts(...).
9763 238 d 23 h vitalkrilov /programs/other/graph/branches/tcc_current/ Graph (branch: tcc_current): added missing files... (oops)  
9762 238 d 23 h vitalkrilov / Graph: manual corrected.
Graph (branch: tcc_current):
- Rewritten in C so now it can be compiled with tcc.
- Added functions: pow (^) and mod (%), arcctg, sgn, sec, cosec, log2, log3, log10.
- Added aliases for functions: tan, cot, arctan, arccot, lg, lb, ln.
- Fixed bugs with box_lib's edit_box.
- Removed deprecated/potentially unused code.
- Now an "Edit" button launches Cedit, not Tinypad.
- Now there is a better graph rendering: fixed bugs with text drawing.
- Added to autobuild list and in iso.
9746 258 d 9 h Doczom /programs/other/drv_view/ added program for view list working drivers  
9676 310 d 16 h leency /programs/other/kpack/trunk/ upload fix by Mario  
9654 322 d 6 h turbocat /programs/other/TEAtool/ TEAtool: Disabled auto-build  
9652 322 d 6 h turbocat /programs/other/man2html/ man2html: Added to autobuild  
9651 322 d 6 h turbocat /programs/other/Weather/ Weather: now uses auto import(KX).  
9627 328 d 5 h turbocat /programs/other/PasswordGen/ PasswordGen: now uses autoimport(fixed tup).  
9626 328 d 5 h turbocat /programs/other/PasswordGen/ PasswordGen: now uses autoimport.  
9625 328 d 5 h turbocat /programs/other/TinyHashView/ TinyHashView: now uses autoimport.  
9595 332 d 6 h leency / rename @HOTANGLES to @HA to fit into 8.3  
9587 333 d 11 h vitalkrilov /programs/ Fixed misuse of "/rd/1" (changed to "/sys") for all other programs  
9568 337 d 3 h IgorA /programs/ fix function name 'edit_box' to 'edit_box_draw'  
9520 343 d 2 h IgorA /programs/ function 'buf2d_line_sm' - fix error when the line is 45 degrees  
9280 385 d 5 h turbocat /programs/other/man2html/ man2html(by navichok26):
- Fixed Makefile.kos;
- Added auto-opening to webview.
9278 385 d 14 h navichok26 / add man2html program  

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