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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
3118 3150d 04h leency /programs/network/ httpc deleted as outdated  
3072 3161d 06h leency /programs/network/ network/htmlv removed  
3062 3176d 09h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv 0.98: Image cache!  
3061 3177d 05h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv: code optimizations  
3060 3177d 20h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv: fully fixed line breaks in links... fu~, it took all day  
3059 3177d 21h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv: fixed problem with very long lines w/o spaces  
3058 3177d 23h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ HTMLv 0.97.7  
3054 3179d 03h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ HTMLv fix, lib update  
3028 3185d 09h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ HTMLv 0.97.6a  
3020 3186d 19h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ Text-based Browser 0.97.6: fixed stupid bug with TryeType fonts (no it will will be more faster), some small futures  
3014 3187d 10h dunkaist /programs/ merge to
place in /programs
delete all the other and files
correct some programs to use common
3013 3187d 11h dunkaist /programs/ place in /programs
delete all the other files
correct some programs to use common
3006 3191d 02h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv bug fix  
3005 3191d 04h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv 0.97.5: switch to TryeType fonts  
3003 3191d 09h leency /programs/network/htmlv/lib/ c-- libraries update  
2895 3288d 06h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv 0.97  
2885 3298d 22h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/include/ HTMLv: small fix  
2884 3299d 07h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv 0.96d  
2874 3303d 09h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ HTMLv 0.96b  
2850 3310d 09h hidnplayr /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ Fixed includes for FTPS  

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