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6175 2121d 17h IgorA /programs/ modify function 'buf2d_resize',
split file 'buf2d.asm'
6165 2122d 19h leency /programs/ keybi, simple paint: use skinned windows  
5949 2184d 20h IgorA /programs/media/voxel_editor/ update voxel tinygl viewer, use mouse to rotate model  
5916 2206d 18h IgorA /programs/media/log_el/trunk/ update 'log_el' work with new 'tree_list'  
5521 2450d 08h leency /programs/media/fliplayer/ FLI Player v0.31 upload: by Asper, just fixed window header  
5491 2467d 01h hidnplayr /programs/media/ac97snd/ Building instructions for AC97SND on windows platform.  
5485 2468d 00h clevermouse /programs/media/ac97snd/ ac97snd: fix processing of >64K ID3 tags  
5458 2471d 14h leency /programs/media/volume/ @volume: up and home restore sound volume  
5449 2472d 03h leency /programs/media/listplay/trunk/ listplay: fixed very old bug - wrong ac97snd path  
5446 2473d 04h eAndrew /programs/media/volume/ volume: add mute toggling, some fixes  
5432 2475d 16h eAndrew / Add @volume - system volume mixer  
5415 2477d 23h IgorA /programs/ fix in function 'glopRotate'  
5393 2484d 01h IgorA /programs/media/voxel_editor/ update utilite 'vox_tgl'  
5390 2492d 19h IgorA /programs/media/voxel_editor/trunk/ update voxel editor, add 2 voxel models  
5388 2497d 03h IgorA /programs/media/voxel_editor/ new voxel utilite 'vox_tgl'  
5183 2566d 05h hidnplayr /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ KIV: better file extension parsing.  
5158 2584d 02h hidnplayr /programs/media/scrshoot/ 16bpp support.  
5098 2636d 00h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
5053 2656d 21h lev /programs/ Removed unused colors from *.gif palettes to decrease size of programs embedding them  
4962 2741d 21h eAndrew /programs/media/palitra/trunk/ New noisy background mode.  

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