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7335 1013d 22h pavelyakov /programs/games/kosilka/ Fixed  
7334 1014d 00h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ tring to apply tranlations  
7333 1014d 00h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ fix the same variable names  
7332 1014d 00h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ Kosilka 1.16: add English translation, translate code comments into English  
7185 1195d 15h siemargl /programs/games/sstartrek/ startrek rus version-help en, adapt for current tcc  
7142 1237d 16h siemargl /programs/games/sstartrek/ add Super Star Trek Game  
7137 1278d 08h dunkaist / Remove more duplicates: doexe2.asm, network.ini, etc.  
7134 1278d 11h dunkaist /programs/ Remove some duplicates:,,, etc.  
7116 1306d 18h dunkaist /programs/games/ Hot fix for r7115: remove empty Release dirs too.  
7115 1306d 18h dunkaist / Add pe2kos source (0770 sdk), remove pe2kos.exe.  
7026 1361d 15h 0CodErr /programs/games/klavisha/trunk/ use packed file  
6954 1382d 19h leency /programs/ Move Memory Blocks game to CMM folder, update app to version 1.1. Use icons from icons32.png instead of build in. Better and more flexible code.  
6368 1914d 14h cheptil /programs/games/FindNumbers/trunk/ Add English localization and configs for RUS or ENG build  
6363 1915d 17h clevermouse /programs/games/FindNumbers/trunk/ revert r6361 since it breaks autobuild  
6361 1915d 23h cheptil /programs/games/FindNumbers/trunk/ Add English localization and configs for RUS or ENG build  
6277 1945d 15h leency /programs/games/almaz/ upload fixed version of Almaz (from Sergeev)  
6270 1946d 14h leency /programs/games/pipes/ pipes 1.4: big fonts, correct displaying of UTF chars Estonian, slight code refactoring  
6223 1952d 15h leency / fix almaz autobuild, add 4 new icons  
6222 1952d 16h leency /programs/games/almaz/ almaz: remove unnecessary resources, fix files names case  
6221 1952d 16h leency /programs/games/almaz/ add Tupfile for almaz game  

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