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7984 423d 19h leency /programs/ CMM: decrease the size of apps, thanks lev for hints
+ some bugfixes
6167 1992d 22h leency /programs/ clicks: small update, use scancode keys  
4254 2803d 23h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ JustClicks: "rezult" -> "result"  
3933 2859d 01h kaitz / Translated Eolite, Clicks & Flood-it game to Estonian.  
3776 2938d 07h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ fix for #3273  
3587 2973d 14h fedesco /programs/ italian version  
3273 3070d 06h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ clicks 2.1: fixed bug (found by 0CodErr)  
2842 3307d 03h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ clicks: set default size to Middle  
2821 3317d 06h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ clicks: small visual fix  
2800 3323d 21h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ clicks: small appearance fix  
2797 3324d 03h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ clicks try to fix autobuild #2  
2796 3324d 03h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ clicks fix for autobuid  
2794 3324d 03h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ Clicks v2.0