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1144 4413d 11h diamond /programs/ correction of previous revision  
1143 4413d 11h diamond / remove trash created in previous revisions  
1020 4619d 10h diamond /programs/games/lines/ lines: bugfix  
1012 4622d 02h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ Kosilka animation fix by Gluk  
1007 4622d 18h bw /programs/games/lrl/src/ removed game cursor & alt+1/2/3/9 -> ctrl+1/2/3/9  
1006 4623d 08h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ Clicks 0.76 (optimizations)  
1003 4623d 18h leency /programs/games/clicks/trunk/ Clicks 0.75  
969 4665d 11h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ Kosilka src update  
968 4665d 11h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ added kosilka sources v1.1  
964 4666d 03h leency /programs/games/mine/trunk/ small optimizes in MineSweeper  
963 4666d 03h leency /programs/games/mine/trunk/ fixed small bug in changing MineSweeper's window mode  
962 4666d 05h leency /programs/games/invaders/ Added invaders header  
950 4673d 23h leency /programs/games/ Added games: donkey, invaders, piton, lines  
934 4688d 22h leency /programs/games/mblocks/branches/mblocks_C--/ C-- memory blocks  
933 4688d 22h leency /programs/games/mblocks/branches/mblocks_C--/ C-- memory blocks  
932 4688d 22h leency /programs/games/mblocks/branches/mblocks_C--/ C-- memory blocks  
931 4688d 22h leency /programs/games/mblocks/branches/mblocks_C--/ C-- memory blocks  
930 4688d 23h leency /programs/games/mblocks/branches/mblocks_C--/ mblocks clean  
929 4688d 23h leency /programs/games/mblocks/branches/mblocks_C--/ mbocks clean  
778 4932d 13h gluk /programs/games/clicks/ restored clicks game  

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