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9046 75d 21h leency /programs/ flappybird: use Kolibri image  
9011 79d 00h leency /programs/games/flappybird/ upload flappybird by zorggish  
8610 211d 04h maxcodehack / Add new syscall wrapper - sys/kos.h
Fridge: improve and move to sys/kos.h
8546 241d 03h maxcodehack / Remove open_watcom doom
Upload gcc sdldoom
8539 248d 03h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ "Fridge" game: function PlayMusic: fix strcat memory leak and optimization fix (: "memory")  
8501 263d 18h maxcodehack /programs/games/checkers/trunk/ Checkers: newlib  
8488 269d 14h leency /programs/games/almaz/ Revert 8485, make proper window fix, add translation  
8485 270d 00h maxcodehack /programs/games/almaz/ ALMAZ: window with skin  
8379 284d 20h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Fix autobuild  
8378 284d 20h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Fridge: code refactoring  
8346 288d 15h IgorA /programs/ box_lib.obj: clear code  
8324 292d 03h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Add sound to 'fridge'  
8318 293d 05h maxcodehack / Replace binarie with autobuild ('fridge')  
8316 293d 19h dunkaist / Add /programs/games/fridge to autobuld.  
8310 294d 02h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Fix autobuild  
8307 294d 02h maxcodehack / Fix C_Layer autobuild, add 'fridge' to autouild  
8301 295d 05h maxcodehack / Fix autobuild  
8299 295d 05h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Fix autobuild 3  
8298 295d 05h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Fix autobuild 2  
8297 295d 05h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Fix autobuild  

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