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1432 4083d 08h mario79 /programs/ BoxLib: Small reorganization for user-macros.
1) Now all the macros used by other applications to work with BoxLib located in box_lib.mac
2) Macros for components that are used only in the library BoxLib - located in bl_sys.mac, a list of include files.
3) Big requests to other developers -support this rule, it will do easier to use macros for other applications.
1372 4145d 10h IgorA /programs/develop/ Reorganization of the library 'box_lib.obj':
1) new file 'box_lib.mac' to connect all elements
2) Eliminate duplication of code.
Minor improvements 'fasm'.
1228 4223d 14h Lrz /programs/ upgrade  
1216 4231d 03h Lrz /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ A bugfix for previously commit.  
1214 4233d 10h Lrz /programs/ A library box_lib.obj is reentrant dll.  
1113 4356d 07h diamond /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ box_lib: make all branches of edit_box_key return as stdcall  
1034 4475d 17h Lrz /programs/develop/ some optimization, for function mcall 66,3  
1032 4475d 19h Lrz /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/ bugfix Num,Caps,Scroll Lock & remove in dir libraries