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6134 2008d 12h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ fix in textures  
6017 2044d 01h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ fix calculate light position (in function Matrix_Inv)  
5418 2359d 23h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ fix mode 'GL_CULL_FACE'
fix functions 'glColor4fv', 'glFrustum'
add example 'gears.asm'
5353 2403d 02h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ some fixes & optimizations  
5278 2411d 01h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ some fixes  
5218 2434d 00h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ 1) fix and optimizations
2) add quadric object 'Sphere'
5213 2437d 06h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ fix vertex color; add primitives: GL_QUADS, GL_POLYGONS  
5208 2438d 05h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ fixes in 'clip.asm'  
5187 2447d 02h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ fixes in draw triangle functions  
5175 2462d 06h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ fix in some vertex functions  
5153 2469d 00h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ Fork for library tinygl, assembly version.
Can draw lines, and do some matrix operations.