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9194 72d 10h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: bugfix  
9193 73d 11h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: optional highlighting of operators and delimiters  
9190 74d 16h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: menu changes  
9187 77d 11h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: Keyboard navigation in menu; internal changes  
9182 80d 12h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: new checkboxes  
9181 81d 12h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: better timer, minor fixes  
9180 82d 11h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: EOL conversion (CRLF/LF/CR)  
9175 85d 16h akron1 / CEDIT: some small changes  
9174 86d 09h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: new version  
9073 129d 16h leency /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: new version by akron1  
9060 137d 22h leency / sysfuncr.txt: translate 74.11 - 74.16
osupdate: add to ISO
icons16.png: update icons of windows, kolibri, floppy
cedit: update by akron1
9050 140d 09h leency / update cedit by akron1  
9010 144d 23h leency /programs/develop/cedit/ cedit: new version by akron1  
8859 165d 15h leency /programs/develop/ update Oberon07 and CEDIT by akron1  
8848 167d 00h leency /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: update by akron1  
8772 174d 22h leency /programs/develop/cedit/ cedit: update by akron1  
8762 175d 17h leency / icons16.png: update folder and sys icons
cedit: new version by akron1
eolite: fix scroll
8741 187d 23h leency /programs/develop/cedit/ cedit: fix version by akron1  
8728 188d 23h leency /programs/develop/cedit/ cedit: brand new Code Editor by akron1, upload version 20-may-2021