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4117 2758d 15h esevece /programs/develop/libraries/menuetlibc/src/libc/ansi/stdio/ Added limits.h and stdarg.h because I got some errors about va_list undefined  
4116 2758d 23h 0CodErr /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ fix progressbar_draw, optimizations, formatting fixes  
4102 2761d 07h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/newlib/ newsdk: update  
4071 2765d 11h esevece /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/data/ Added spanish translation  
4039 2771d 03h heavyiron /programs/ fasm 1.71.13, and from fasm 1.71.13  
4000 2777d 11h mario79 /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ Box_Lib/Filebrowser - hide selection if empty.  
3963 2784d 10h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/newlib/sdk/ newsdk: fasm mp3 demo programm  
3960 2784d 18h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ libmpg123 1.15.4  
3959 2786d 01h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ cairo-1.12.16  
3945 2787d 18h mario79 /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ FASM - inactive window does not receive mouse events  
3941 2787d 19h mario79 /programs/develop/h2d2b/trunk/ hex2dec2bin - inactive window does not receive mouse events  
3931 2794d 14h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ pixman-0.30.2  
3928 2795d 14h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ libpng-1.6.5  
3927 2795d 15h kaitz / Translation for estonian language and fixes.
Build folder for estonian language.
3926 2795d 16h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ zlib-1.2.8  
3923 2795d 18h esevece /programs/develop/libraries/newlib/ Added LD and AR for easy adaptation  
3922 2795d 20h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/newlib/ newlib: missing files  
3920 2795d 23h mario79 /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libini/ Fixed a memory leak. Author of fix - GerdtR.  
3919 2796d 11h mario79 /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ Tinypad - fix. Ctrl+H for r.987  
3918 2796d 15h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/freetype/ freetype-2.5.0  

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