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4721 2681d 19h Akyltist /programs/develop/libraries/utils/ Add COFF libraries "utils.obj" atof,ftoa,random
support for exponent, high accuracy, not normalized form of writing
4690 2689d 06h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ Bugfixes in chunked decoder and timeouts, refactoring.  
4665 2693d 06h gtament /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ Fixed tinypad's 'file' submenu highlighting bug.  
4664 2694d 05h hidnplayr /programs/develop/examples/example/trunk/ updated example.asm with format binary as "", so that fasm does not add .bin extension by default.  
4635 2700d 03h mario79 / Fixed "TESTCON2 is in russian in english distribution" (bug #75)  
4601 2711d 06h mario79 /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ Box_Lib - Editbox support for Clipboard (Ctrl + C|V)  
4600 2713d 05h Albom /programs/develop/libraries/console/ console.obj - modified for kernel SVN r.4588  
4594 2715d 06h hidnplayr /programs/develop/mtdbg/ MTDBG: Fixed window caption, broken in previous revision.  
4591 2715d 08h hidnplayr /programs/develop/mtdbg/ MTDBG: Fixed some glitches in GUI. Added ability to select color theme before assembling.  
4590 2715d 08h clevermouse /programs/develop/mtdbg/ mtdbg: F7/F8 for tracing now don't collide with 8/9 for text input  
4589 2715d 23h mario79 /programs/develop/keyascii/trunk/ KEYASCII - modified for kernel SVN r.4588  
4566 2731d 07h mario79 /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ Tinypad - fix for crash when "paste" from clipboard in some cases.  
4561 2732d 13h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ HTTP lib: fix bug where last piece of data was not received during non-chunked transfer.  
4552 2741d 03h mario79 /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ Tinypad - fix for r.4487 for single lines (example - CMD program)  
4542 2743d 13h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ t_edit: fix ClipBoard size  
4541 2744d 04h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ HTTP library: download content into separate buffer.  
4505 2750d 05h mario79 /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ Tinypad - fix r.4487, remove unnecessary code and correction documentation.  
4490 2752d 03h mario79 /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ Tinypad - fix r.4487 for replace mode.  
4489 2752d 03h mario79 /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ Tinypad - fix r.4487 for popup window.  
4487 2752d 06h mario79 /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ Tinypad - support for kernel clipboard  
4479 2753d 07h dunkaist / remove FASM.TXT duplicates from /data/$(LANG)/docs
add common fasm.txt to fasm/trunk and update Makefiles to copy it
4478 2753d 08h dunkaist /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ fasm: 1.71.16  
4463 2755d 03h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ Removed colons from structures in box_lib.mac  
4445 2758d 10h Serge /programs/develop/sdk/trunk/sound/src/ sound.lib:missing file  
4443 2758d 14h clevermouse /programs/develop/mtdbg/ I have finally found why mtdbg sometimes seems to lose control over the debugged program!
r3675 has broken single-stepping and everything that depends on it.
And, of course, commit message for r3675 has nothing to do with changes in r3675.
4422 2770d 13h GerdtR /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libini/ Fix bug: add at the end of the ini-file of the empty line, otherwise new section is added wrong  
4402 2778d 09h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/console/ Console library: now '-' and '+' keypad keys work also when numlock is off.  
4384 2783d 04h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/console/ Console: support for numpad keys '/', '*' and 'Enter'.  
4357 2787d 17h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/mesa  
4356 2787d 17h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/newlib  
4355 2787d 17h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/zlib  
4354 2787d 17h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/pixman  
4353 2787d 17h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/libpng  
4352 2787d 17h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/freetype  
4351 2787d 17h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/ffmpeg  
4350 2787d 17h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/cairo  
4343 2791d 06h mario79 /programs/develop/examples/clipboard/ Additions and changes to the documentation for the clipboard.  
4341 2792d 03h yogev_ezra /programs/develop/libraries/sorter/ Add sort.obj library sources to SVN.  
4332 2796d 13h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ update 'info3ds'  
4327 2797d 03h yogev_ezra /programs/ Upload sources of msgbox.obj library and use_mb example to SVN.