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9200 1d 04h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: minor fixes  
9197 4d 04h akron1 / cedit: search selected text
FB2 Reader: minor fix
9194 9d 00h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: bugfix  
9193 10d 00h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: optional highlighting of operators and delimiters  
9190 11d 06h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: menu changes  
9189 12d 03h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/libc.obj/source/stdlib/ libc.obj: Fixed calloc function  
9187 14d 01h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: Keyboard navigation in menu; internal changes  
9182 17d 01h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: new checkboxes  
9181 18d 02h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: better timer, minor fixes  
9180 19d 01h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: EOL conversion (CRLF/LF/CR)  
9179 19d 02h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/libc.obj/include/sys/ libc.obj:
- Extra zero for use with gcc
9177 22d 05h akron1 /programs/develop/oberon07/ Oberon07: v1.53  
9176 22d 05h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: rebuild  
9175 22d 06h akron1 / CEDIT: some small changes  
9174 22d 23h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: new version  
9167 27d 03h turbocat /programs/develop/libraries/console_coff/ console.obj :
- better mechanism for killing the parent process.
9165 27d 04h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/libc.obj/ libc.obj:
- fixed fread bug
9163 27d 22h Doczom /programs/develop/libraries/console_coff/ fix bug in scroll  
9156 30d 02h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/libc.obj/source/stdio/ libc.obj:
- fixed return fwrite and fread as well as eof
9155 31d 03h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/libc.obj/samples/ "thread_work" C example added to ""  

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