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8667 30d 23h dunkaist /programs/demos/ Remove empty dirs.  
8666 33d 11h dunkaist / Upload View3ds 0.72 by macgub.  
8530 117d 21h maxcodehack /programs/demos/gears/trunk/ gears: clean  
8528 118d 02h maxcodehack /programs/ TinyGL: newlib
Gears: newlib
8524 120d 22h maxcodehack /programs/ - SDL Demo - fix Tupfile.lua
- Move sysxtree and mfar to outdated
8495 128d 21h maxcodehack / Add SDL newlib to autbuild  
8365 146d 22h leency / IMG: clean up in folders, mostly in /DEMOS/ and /DEVELOP/, move examples to /DEVELOP/EXAMPLES/
asciivju: add font type switcher
8253 162d 09h leency /programs/demos/tinyfrac/trunk/ tinyfrac: general refactoring, use scancodes  
8252 163d 19h IgorA / life2: use open dialog, big font in caption  
8236 165d 22h IgorA /programs/ 1) some programs use new macros load_lib.mac
2) bcc32 add example use libimg.obj
8232 166d 22h leency /programs/demos/3DS/ View3ds 0.71 by macgub: new glass effect, bugfixing  
8229 166d 22h leency / Upload smaller House.3ds by macgub  
8218 170d 03h maxcodehack / Change SDL example  
8207 171d 04h maxcodehack / Add SDL port to newlib  
8202 171d 18h maxcodehack /programs/demos/SDL/ Add working !newlib! sample for SDL  
8200 172d 02h maxcodehack /programs/demos/SDL/ Add makefile to SDL example
Fix SDL makefile
8199 172d 03h IgorA / fix life2, update life3  
8184 175d 00h IgorA / update demo life2,
fix rev 8179
8173 177d 15h maxcodehack /programs/demos/life2/ Remove t2fasm.cpp We can found it in /programs/bcc32/t2fasm/  
8170 177d 23h IgorA /programs/demos/life2/ clean code  

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