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9602 331 d 17 h leency /programs/cmm/ cmm: mass renaming  
9584 334 d 1 h leency /programs/cmm/ SysMon: better key control, save ini  
9461 348 d 11 h leency / ndn: new version by CandyMan, check WHATSNEW.TXT for the list of changes
eolite: perfect device icons
classic kfm: better html icon, fix icons vertical alignment, pleasant error color
appearance: refactoring
8933 530 d 3 h leency /programs/cmm/ clipview: rewrite and decrease the size twice (from 3847 bytes to 1958)
search: new app, alpha version
8779 547 d 3 h leency / eolite: update  
7984 924 d 23 h leency /programs/ CMM: decrease the size of apps, thanks lev for hints
+ some bugfixes
7806 962 d 23 h leency /programs/ tinypad: no optim_save by default
eolite: fix crash on put image h<1
cmm: rename colors to the short one "sc"
7640 1321 d 5 h leency / add sntp to IMG
move notes to ISO
new icons: MGB, TXT; folder icon update
KFM fix toolbar background overflow window border
fit eskin into a single FAT sector
7639 1322 d 10 h leency / skincfg: save button style  
6686 2220 d 2 h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView 1.49: two bugs fixed  
6662 2224 d 11 h leency / DRIVERS: update atikms and intel (by Serge), remove ver.txt
END: fix mixed up "Kernel" and "Reboot" buttons
DRVINST: translations (thanks to hidnplayr)
6653 2225 d 9 h leency /programs/cmm/ select_list.h: update API, add SelectList_ProcessMouse()
drvinst: use select_list
6651 2225 d 11 h leency / CMM: create pattern select_list (Yeah!), use in clipview, appearance; Blueberries skin small fixes