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9643 314 d 19 h leency /programs/cmm/ ImgEdit: first release version with the basic funcionality
Appearance: fixes
9640 314 d 23 h leency / add KMatrix into Appearance app  
9603 321 d 2 h leency / fix build, add info icon, pack fnav/about.txt  
9598 321 d 15 h leency /programs/cmm/ fix build  
9597 321 d 15 h leency /programs/cmm/ ImageEdit: work in progress  
9533 330 d 12 h leency /programs/cmm/appearance/ appearance: fix  
9530 330 d 14 h leency /programs/ docky: colors change on fly, use reshare, refactoring
appearance: remove "Update Dock" checkbox, UI inprovements
9524 331 d 12 h leency / appearance: final version! Now the selected value is restored after program reopen  
9516 332 d 17 h leency /programs/ appearance: fully working screensaver tab
Eolite: add light line in the top of statusbar
software_widget: fix game centre
view3ds: fix by macgub
9489 333 d 19 h leency / @ss: if no program set then exit
appearance: show timeout of ss, now you can set screensaver
ndn: new version by CandyMan (no screen blinking on app run, no ".." in the root of /cd disks)
fnav: pack images, add tup file to kpack readme (I hope this won't fail)
9481 334 d 17 h leency / bunch of fixes  
9469 336 d 1 h leency / appearance: add default values  
9467 336 d 11 h leency / fix build  
9465 336 d 15 h leency / appearance:
- working screensaver tab
- add "auto" type of wallpapper set
various fixes
9461 337 d 23 h leency / ndn: new version by CandyMan, check WHATSNEW.TXT for the list of changes
eolite: perfect device icons
classic kfm: better html icon, fix icons vertical alignment, pleasant error color
appearance: refactoring
9455 339 d 10 h leency / @reshare: share checkbox image
appearance: WiP
clean skins
9453 339 d 18 h leency / appearance: WiP of adding screensaver tab
various small changes
9439 342 d 20 h leency / @MENU: allow to set links to files that would be open using @open
MENU.DAT: add a "Welcome" link, small resort
WEBVIEW: fix links browsing at
@RESHARE: fix crash on skin change
CMM: use @reshare for some apps which leads to size decrease
8954 515 d 23 h leency /programs/cmm/ notes: code clean
cmm: update build.bat files to use /D=LANG_XXX instead of creating lang.h--
8946 518 d 3 h leency /programs/cmm/ KFM2: refactoring two-panes mode  

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