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8829 127d 11h rgimad /programs/system/shell/ fix shell tupfile #2  
8828 127d 11h rgimad /programs/system/shell/ fix shell tupfile  
8827 127d 11h rgimad /programs/system/shell/ SHELL 0.8.2
- big refactoring, now uses libc.obj
- added kfetch command
8826 127d 12h leency / icons16.png: has 18x18 px size now
- move properly implemented
- show device icons in list
- bugfixes
clean skins
8824 127d 21h IgorA /programs/bcc32/ add new program 'Blocks'  
8823 127d 23h leency / cmm: move install to misc  
8822 128d 00h leency / cmm cmm and icons update 2  
8821 128d 20h leency / cmm and icons update  
8820 129d 09h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/libc.obj/samples/ Added  
8818 129d 10h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/libc.obj/ ktcc + libc.obj:
- ksys.h - added event mask enum
- samples - old examples updated
- delete junk files
8814 129d 16h Doczom /programs/media/piano/ cleaning up unnecessary comments  
8813 129d 16h turbocat /programs/other/ Fixed Tupefile.lua in other programs  
8812 129d 16h Doczom /programs/media/piano/ cleaning up unnecessary comments  
8811 129d 16h turbocat /programs/other/TinyHashView/ Fix build  
8810 129d 16h turbocat /programs/other/TEAtool/ TEAtool:
fix Tupefile.lua
8809 129d 17h turbocat /programs/other/PasswordGen/ PasswordGen:
Fix build
8808 129d 17h turbocat /programs/develop/tinybasic/ TinyBasic:
Fix build
8807 129d 17h turbocat /programs/network/whois/ Whois:
Fix tupefile.lua
8806 129d 17h turbocat /programs/network/whois/ Whois:
Fix Tupefile.lua
8805 129d 17h turbocat /programs/other/Weather/ Weather:
fix Tupefile.lua

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