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8710 7d 06h Coldy /programs/develop/libraries/dll/ /lib/dll.asm
Fixed include path
8709 7d 07h Coldy / Dll autoload
- removed unnecessary and rewrote/add some comments, no code changes
User (lib/dll.obj)
- Introduced new KX header as extension for existing formats
- Added staring KX header processing
- Improved import table test logic, no reason to kill app for import absence - skip
import processing (tnx ProMiNick)
- Add ReadMe.txt
8708 8d 01h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/ ktcc:
- Fixed boxlib.h
- Removed unnecessary files
8707 8d 01h turbocat /programs/other/TinyHashView/ TinyHashView:
- Now uses (kolibri-libc) libc.obj.
- Resize 12kb -> 6kb
8706 8d 01h turbocat /programs/network/whois/ Whois:
- Reconfiguring autobuild
8705 8d 01h turbocat /programs/develop/libraries/kolibri-libc/ kolibri-libc:
- Fixed fwrite.
- Added strcat to the export table.
- Fixed two functions in ksys.h.
- Added binaries for autobuild
8702 9d 04h turbocat /programs/develop/libraries/kolibri-libc/include/sys/ kolibri-libc:
- Added function _ksys_load_pe_driver()
8699 10d 23h turbocat /programs/develop/libraries/kolibri-libc/ kolibri-libc:
- [KSYS] added functions for working with drivers.
- [SAMPLES] added an example of working with the tmpdisk.sys driver
- Misc: fixed Makefiles
8698 11d 03h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView 3.32: fix images load  
8697 11d 05h leency /programs/cmm/downloader/ WebView Downloader: if file already exist, save the file with a new name  
8694 11d 05h turbocat /programs/develop/libraries/kolibri-libc/source/ Fix autobuild: delete libc.obj in source  
8693 11d 06h turbocat / Fix autobuild  
8690 11d 06h turbocat /programs/develop/libraries/kolibri-libc/lib/ kolibri-libc:
delete lib/libc.obj
8689 11d 06h turbocat /programs/develop/libraries/kolibri-libc/source/exports/ kolibri-libc:
Removed exports.c
8688 11d 06h turbocat /programs/develop/libraries/kolibri-libc/linuxtools/ kolibri-libc:
Removed binaries in linuxtools folder
8687 11d 07h turbocat /programs/develop/libraries/kolibri-libc/ Added git source kolibri-libc and
Configured autobuild
8686 12d 02h turbocat /programs/network/whois/ Whois:
- Now the program uses libc.obj and is smaller.
8685 12d 02h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/kolibri-libc/ ktcc:
- Added files for developing programs with kolibri-libc
8682 13d 02h leency /programs/develop/examples/example/trunk/rus/ Update example.asm  
8681 13d 03h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ fix divide by 0 in function edit_box.get_n  

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