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733 5039d 14h serge /programs/develop/sdk/trunk/HDraw/ SDK: hardware accelerated drawing (R500 required)  
728 5040d 06h diamond /programs/system/menu/trunk/ @menu: bugfix: when child menu was closed on Esc, the same child could not be opened  
727 5040d 12h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/ Clib chsize, fstat, setmode.
set_file_size: watcom-specific implementation
723 5042d 01h jacekm /programs/develop/scc/example/ scc - klib.h bug fixed  
722 5042d 06h mikedld /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libimg/gif/ libs-dev: fixed incorrect GIF processing  
721 5042d 08h jacekm /programs/develop/scc/ scc 0.5.3 b + new examples  
720 5042d 15h jacekm /programs/develop/scc/ scc changes in examples and scc 0.5.3  
719 5042d 15h jacekm /programs/develop/scc/example/ scc examples  
718 5042d 15h jacekm /programs/develop/scc/ scc 0.5.3  
717 5043d 04h mikedld /programs/develop/libraries/ Libs-dev: libio, libini, libgfx, libimg  
711 5045d 21h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ Clib create_file, read_file, write_file: watcom-specific implementation  
710 5046d 06h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/libGUI/ Save of registers after an entrance in function is added: SendMessage (), DestroyControl ().  
707 5050d 05h heavyiron /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ fasm 1.67.26  
706 5050d 14h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/libGUI/ Save of registers after an entrance in function libGUI is added.  
705 5053d 10h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ correct stack depth checking  
704 5053d 13h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ linking native Kolibri executable  
703 5055d 05h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ SIGFPE handling  
702 5057d 16h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ add  
701 5058d 07h serge /programs/ update clib  
699 5062d 15h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/sdk/trunk/libGUI_SDK/ small SDK for libGUI  

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