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5761 2249d 23h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite: fix, font.h: simple smooth just for Eolite  
5760 2250d 16h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/lib/ Update lib kolibri.h  
5759 2250d 20h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/lib/ Lib font.h added encode cp866 for ANSI  
5758 2251d 01h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/lib/ font.h: fixed offset italic  
5757 2251d 02h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/lib/ Update lib font.h support italic  
5756 2251d 16h hidnplayr /programs/network/vncc/ VNC Viewer: fixed bug in TRLE palette encodings.  
5755 2251d 20h hidnplayr /programs/network/vncc/ VNC Viewer: fixed bug in extended scancode handler.  
5754 2251d 20h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/lib/ Fixed bugs font.h offset y  
5753 2251d 22h leency /programs/cmm/ update font.h from PavelJakovlev, Eolite 3.1, restore encoding.h  
5752 2251d 22h hidnplayr /programs/network/vncc/ VNC Viewer: fixed bug in create_palette.  
5751 2252d 03h leency /programs/cmm/ Fix IO::readKPACK, font.h ability to load kpacked fonts, Eolite fix  
5750 2252d 03h hidnplayr /programs/network/vncc/ VNC Viewer: render cursor locally, pixelcode optimizations, more efficient boundary checking, use lookup table for 8BPP, misc bugfixes.  
5749 2252d 21h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView: Remove condition script, code update, prepar
llist: configurable mouse wheel size
5748 2252d 23h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite 3.06: Remember win size and pos  
5747 2253d 00h leency /programs/cmm/ Fix for Liza  
5746 2253d 00h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView: better code #1  
5745 2253d 01h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite 3.05: use sizable fonts *.kf  
5743 2253d 22h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite 3.01: some fixes, code clean  
5742 2254d 02h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/lib/ Fixed bugs lib font.h  
5741 2254d 03h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/lib/ Update lib font.  

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