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4990 2640d 14h IgorA /programs/other/t_edit_synt/ update 'te_syntax': use *.png icons and other changes  
4988 2644d 06h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/ 't_edit' add commands [Ctrl]+[End], [Ctrl]+[A]
'msgbox' change select button use [Tab] key
4987 2644d 16h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/ update element 't_edit' when add new lines change scroll size  
4986 2650d 09h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ Updated docs.  
4983 2653d 16h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ Fixed bug in URL parsing.  
4982 2654d 06h hidnplayr /programs/network/ircc/ IRCC: print a message on the server window when nickname changed.  
4981 2654d 07h hidnplayr /programs/network/ircc/ IRCC: when typing /nick without parameters, echo nickname to the screen.  
4978 2654d 13h Akyltist /programs/other/kpack/trunk/ kpack: fix (buttons and text) position and size  
4977 2654d 14h Akyltist /programs/system/board/trunk/ fix button [width & height & y pos]
"kernel" style code
4973 2659d 17h right-hearted /programs/develop/libraries/menuetlibc/ Adding menuetlibc back to its place in /programs/develop/libraries
This version of menuetlibc was taken from revision 4743, right before I made any changes
4968 2672d 15h 0CodErr /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ launch tinfo from cpu application  
4966 2672d 15h 0CodErr /programs/system/tinfo/ add program tinfo which shows information about thread  
4962 2673d 10h eAndrew /programs/media/palitra/trunk/ New noisy background mode.  
4954 2674d 08h yogev_ezra / Move DosBox binaries to the correct /emul folder.  
4946 2674d 10h yogev_ezra /programs/system/icon_new/ Fix typos  
4945 2674d 11h yogev_ezra /programs/system/icon_new/ Revert r4937  
4944 2676d 06h 0CodErr /programs/develop/mstate/ Add program "mstate" which shows state of mouse buttons  
4943 2676d 09h eAndrew /programs/other/calcplus/ Calc+ v0.5.  
4942 2676d 17h hidnplayr /programs/system/setup/trunk/ Fixed circonflexe dead key for belgian and french keymaps.  
4941 2677d 12h hidnplayr /programs/system/setup/trunk/ Fixed '\' and '€' symbol on belgian keymap.  

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