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4411 2769d 01h leency /programs/cmm/ appearance update (I hope the last), build.bat scripts changed to use global path, WebView component from HTMLv moved to separate folder  
4410 2769d 02h leency /programs/cmm/appearance/ appearance: update  
4409 2769d 03h leency /programs/cmm/ cmm: small fixes  
4407 2769d 05h leency /programs/cmm/installer/ KolibriN9 installer update  
4402 2771d 08h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/console/ Console library: now '-' and '+' keypad keys work also when numlock is off.  
4400 2771d 23h mario79 /programs/fs/kfm/trunk/ KFM 0.47i - if "/hd" read error for start then use "/rd"  
4399 2773d 02h punk_joker /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite 2.15.3: fixed bugs: with show device name and ram disk free space bar  
4395 2774d 00h punk_joker / Eolite 2.15.2: fixed and small change  
4394 2774d 11h punk_joker / Eolite 2.15.1: add to ini flag show disk free space bar  
4386 2776d 03h hidnplayr /programs/games/invaders/ Corrected typo in Invaders game.  
4385 2776d 03h hidnplayr /programs/system/zkey/trunk/ Remove duplicate file from ZKEY program folder.  
4384 2776d 03h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/console/ Console: support for numpad keys '/', '*' and 'Enter'.  
4380 2776d 11h hidnplayr /programs/network/synergyc/ Synergy client: support for right, middle, 4th and 5th mouse buttons  
4376 2777d 11h hidnplayr /programs/network/synergyc/ Primitive keyboard support for Synergy client.  
4364 2780d 11h yogev_ezra / Move NetSurf to /contrib folder  
4357 2780d 16h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/mesa  
4356 2780d 16h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/newlib  
4355 2780d 16h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/zlib  
4354 2780d 16h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/pixman  
4353 2780d 16h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/libpng  
4352 2780d 16h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/freetype  
4351 2780d 16h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/ffmpeg  
4350 2780d 16h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/ delete libraries/cairo  
4345 2783d 12h hidnplayr /programs/network/downloader/ Bugfix in downloader (when socket recv function returns 0, it means remote end closed the connection.)  
4343 2784d 05h mario79 /programs/develop/examples/clipboard/ Additions and changes to the documentation for the clipboard.  
4341 2785d 03h yogev_ezra /programs/develop/libraries/sorter/ Add sort.obj library sources to SVN.  
4340 2785d 03h mario79 /programs/fs/kfm/trunk/ KFM - fix "page fault" after copying  
4338 2786d 00h mario79 /programs/fs/kfm/trunk/ KFM - fix for emulators.  
4336 2786d 04h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Changed the structure icon.ini. Now you can create icons with repetitive or empty names.  
4332 2789d 12h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ update 'info3ds'  
4331 2790d 01h yogev_ezra / Auto-build msgbox.obj from sources; remove pre-compiled binaries from SVN.  
4330 2790d 02h yogev_ezra /programs/demos/use_mb/ Fix for r4329  
4328 2790d 02h yogev_ezra /programs/demos/use_mb/ Add English translations  
4327 2790d 03h yogev_ezra /programs/ Upload sources of msgbox.obj library and use_mb example to SVN.  
4326 2791d 04h hidnplayr /programs/network/netcfg/ Fix for previous revision  
4325 2791d 06h hidnplayr /programs/network/netcfg/ netcfg: dont show uninitialised cardbus cards, do show nvidia network chips.  
4323 2792d 03h yogev_ezra /programs/games/bomber/ Upload 'bomber' game sources to SVN.  
4322 2792d 04h hidnplayr / loaddrv program: silently load the driver (driver name must be given as parameter).
Replaces commouse program.
4319 2793d 02h heavyiron /programs/system/rdsave/trunk/ RDsave: bugfixes in messages  
4318 2794d 03h yogev_ezra /programs/develop/examples/example/trunk/ example.asm: Fix typo - fixes #67