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2276 3673d 11h leency /programs/games/flood-it/ flood-it src uploaded  
2275 3673d 16h leency /programs/games/MSquare/trunk/ MSquare buttons text centered  
2274 3673d 16h leency /programs/demos/3dsheart/trunk/ 3dsheart small fix for autobuild  
2273 3673d 16h leency /programs/other/kpack/trunk/ kpack colors corrected  
2271 3674d 02h leency /programs/demos/ 3dsheart src uploaded  
2269 3674d 03h leency /programs/demos/3dwav/ 3dwav src added  
2266 3674d 18h leency /programs/fs/Eolite/trunk/ eolite some code optimizations  
2263 3675d 04h leency /programs/other/kpack/trunk/ kpack check_boxes_set_sys_color  
2262 3675d 04h mario79 /programs/other/kpack/trunk/ KPACK - color correcting  
2258 3675d 16h mario79 / Correcting DOCKPACK  
2254 3678d 17h IgorA /programs/ fix function 'DoubleFloat_to_String'  
2252 3679d 10h leency /programs/network/htmlv/lib/ c-- library small update  
2250 3679d 15h leency /programs/ c-- library fix  
2249 3679d 17h mario79 /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ Box_lib - fix position of text for the "checkbox" and "optionbox"  
2248 3679d 18h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv small update  
2247 3679d 18h leency /programs/develop/libraries/console/ standalone console interface  
2246 3680d 05h leency /programs/media/scrshoot/ scrshoot: checkbox captions centered  
2245 3682d 20h mario79 /programs/system/icon/trunk/ Icon - deactivate the window after click (working to kernel r.2244 and above)  
2243 3683d 11h Albom /programs/emulator/e80/trunk/utils/ keyZXtest (by Alver) src added.  
2242 3683d 13h leency /programs/fs/Eolite/trunk/ Eolite: fix  

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