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9363 4h 34m leency /programs/cmm/template/ revert template  
9362 4h 37m leency / move ndn to a /common folder, add to ISO  
9361 5h 15m leency /programs/ Upload NDN (Necromancer's Dos Navigator) by CandyMan
Eolite: always show disk path in the sidebar
9359 6h 41m leency / C-- for Kolibri: use autobuilt version instead of precompilled binary file  
9358 8h 30m turbocat /programs/develop/cmm/ cmm: full version name is now in title.  
9356 9h 24m leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite 5.14: better drives list  
9355 9h 25m turbocat /programs/develop/cmm/ cmm: fixed con_set_title call  
9353 11h 39m leency /programs/develop/koldbg/ upload koldbg by CandyMan  
9352 1d 08h leency /programs/develop/cmm/ c--: trying to set console window title  
9351 1d 10h leency /programs/cmm/browser/TWB/ WebView: optimization of the prior commit  
9350 1d 12h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/browser/TWB/ APPS: new meta width height left top and exit  
9349 1d 15h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite 5.12: show disk names if available, replace hardcoded numbers of the left sidebar by constants  
9348 1d 16h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/browser/ + special key -app  
9347 2d 08h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ overcome C-- issue  
9345 4d 11h Doczom /programs/games/pong/trunk/ fix header  
9344 4d 13h Doczom /programs/demos/unvwater/trunk/ fix header  
9341 5d 05h leency / #WebView: [fix] do not pop the default text color
#uARM: host image at [as xvilka's server doesn't work]
#Eolite: finally fix one of the oldest issues with KeyUp at the top of the list, which could move selection on the random file
#KolibriNext installer: activate window after installation
9336 5d 11h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEdit: ctrl+left/right moves the cursor to the next or previous word; small changes  
9318 7d 04h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView: bugfixes  
9309 8d 03h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView 3.65: table width support  

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