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7474 1096d 22h leency / kernel: fix regression r5164 which broke blitter in 24bpp mode  
7136 1398d 14h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Replace 'equ' macros with '=' ones.

They appear in symbols file.
They don't require parentheses.
They are shorter.
6790 1775d 20h 0CodErr /kernel/trunk/ flag client relative for blit  
5363 2474d 18h yogev_ezra / Change copyright year in kernel and drivers to 2015. No code changes.  
5351 2477d 21h serge / kernel: combine display related data in one structure  
5349 2477d 23h serge /kernel/trunk/video/ kernel: blitter - minor optimizations  
5164 2540d 23h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/video/ Small optimization.  
5161 2540d 23h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/video/ 16bpp support for f73 (blitter)  
5154 2542d 21h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/ Support for 16bpp video modes (usefull for embedded devices such as 86duino with vortex86 VGA)  
4850 2740d 17h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Added the tag "Revision: XXXX" in some kernel files, to form the right number of revision at boot (blue boot screen).  
4444 2835d 03h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/video/ speedup software blitter for 32bpp modes  
2988 3292d 20h Serge /kernel/trunk/video/ blitter optimization  
2480 3499d 18h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for r.2446 - for Qemu or non-standart videocards. Unfortunately [BytesPerScanLine] does not always equal to [_display.width]*[ScreenBPP]/8  
2455 3505d 22h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ 1) Correcting information about copiright
2) VESA draw the small speedup
2453 3506d 20h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Video draw and VESA - some speedup.  
2451 3507d 18h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ VESA draw the small speedup  
2449 3507d 21h mario79 /kernel/trunk/video/ Fix blitter for previous revision.  
2448 3508d 21h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Compatibility with hardware cursor (fix for r.2430 and later)  
2446 3509d 03h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Video draw some speedup.  
2430 3511d 23h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ VESA - new algorithm for showing mouse pointer without a blink  

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