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9060 100d 08h leency / sysfuncr.txt: translate 74.11 - 74.16
osupdate: add to ISO
icons16.png: update icons of windows, kolibri, floppy
cedit: update by akron1
9052 101d 08h leency /kernel/trunk/docs/ docs: update sys f48.3 description about color names and meanings  
9017 105d 23h hidnplayr / Network device error/missed/dropped packet counters.
+ Network buffer sanity checks.
8994 109d 06h leency /kernel/trunk/docs/ sysfunc: fixed mistake in f48.5 (found by zorggish)  
8247 331d 05h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ SysFn 18.13 security fix: now apps cannot destroy kernel memory via passing illegal address in ecx

Update docs on SysFn 18.13
8246 331d 23h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ SysFn 9 security fix: now apps cannot destroy kernel memory via passing illegal address in ebx

Update docs on SysFn 9
8161 348d 01h rgimad /kernel/trunk/docs/ update docs on sysfn 26.2  
8018 505d 03h leency / img_transform: add to ISO
sysfuncr.txt: prettify formatting
7722 612d 15h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/docs/ docs: Fix typos in sysfunc?.txt.  
7644 905d 07h leency / 1. loaddrv: show load drv result, show hint on error
2. no need to use for only one mcall
3. small fix in sysfuncs.txt
4. remove duplicated vendors in pcidev app
7121 1422d 18h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Remove VRR code, mostly commented out anyway.  
6974 1499d 07h 0CodErr /kernel/trunk/ remove unnecessary check  
6917 1596d 08h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ New sysfunction 70.10 "rename/move"  
6901 1616d 09h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/docs/ fix for 70.1  
6893 1622d 12h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ no need for manual heap initialization (68.11)  
6891 1636d 09h IgorA / update docs sys function 54.1  
6880 1668d 04h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ documentation fix  
6876 1689d 02h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ sysfunction 70.5: small change  
6875 1690d 04h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ sysfunction 70.5: get device size  
6802 1765d 09h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ function 71.2  

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