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5956 2185d 18h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/docs/ Docs: mouse acceleration  
5926 2204d 11h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ window caption font and encoding  
5867 2229d 01h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ Font size setting f48.11, f48.12
New option in f4
5865 2230d 19h GerdtR /kernel/trunk/ Bug fixes, change the values of constants window position relative to the other.  
5851 2241d 20h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ New mouse sysfunctions: 18.19.6, 18.19.7, 37.3  
5848 2243d 00h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/docs/ Documentation  
5836 2249d 01h GerdtR /kernel/trunk/ Added f18.25: the ability to make a window on top of all and behind all  
5813 2281d 23h serge /kernel/trunk/docs/ Documentation for sysfn 26.10 RU version  
5682 2314d 05h leency /kernel/trunk/docs/ Sys functions: update font documentation (by Pathoswithin)  
5452 2476d 23h leency / Rename Panel to Taskbar  
5144 2616d 18h mario79 /kernel/trunk/docs/ Additional correction for r.5143.  
4711 2808d 19h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix f.24 for r.4700  
4700 2809d 18h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Kernel supports up to three IDE controllers, and all the devices connected to them  
4641 2824d 08h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Removal of obsolete functions 18.11.2. Reduce the DRIVE_DATA area, because the data above 10 bytes is not used.  
4612 2832d 00h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for r.4588  
4588 2840d 14h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Function 2 (get the code of the pressed key) for AL = 0 in EAX bits 16-23 = contain scancode for pressed key  
4573 2846d 21h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ actualize documentation  
4572 2846d 21h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ fix draw of type-I windows with small height  
4264 2936d 18h 0CodErr /kernel/trunk/docs/ update documentation SysFn9  
4199 2947d 11h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Kernel Clipboard. f.54.  

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