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750 4869d 20h victor /kernel/trunk/ Placed copyright and properties "svn: keywords Rev"  
709 4884d 11h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * V86 manager
* support of drives visible by BIOS through V86 mode
* shutdown fixes
* background redraw fixes
* when booting from CD/DVD, load all floppy by tracks, not only used sectors
634 5021d 10h diamond /kernel/trunk/core/ bugfix for debug subsystem  
593 5076d 13h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Revision numbering fix  
557 5107d 03h serge /kernel/trunk/ uhci device  
531 5129d 18h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Sysfunction 23v does not require task switch when waiting  
523 5139d 17h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * Correct value of selector gs
* Support for kpack'ed skin files
* Default setting for DMA access is now "disabled"
* Fixed kernel fault when network packet sending
465 5176d 20h serge /kernel/trunk/ merge flat kernel  
434 5197d 12h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Normal stack handling for sysenter/syscall; trap gate for int 0x40  
431 5199d 15h serge /kernel/trunk/ copyrights  
425 5204d 04h victor /kernel/trunk/ added computing of current #revision for kernel *.inc and *.asm files  
381 5224d 06h serge /kernel/trunk/ replace all vars whith symbolic constants  
379 5225d 18h serge /kernel/trunk/ 1)fixed wrong exported LFB address
2)replace 0x3000 0x3004 0x3010 0x3020 whith symbolic constants
187 5356d 18h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Corrections in DMA code from Mario79  
115 5431d 16h poddubny /kernel/trunk/ Introduced APPDATA, TASKDATA, WNDDATA, RECT, BOX structures.  
102 5445d 12h poddubny /kernel/trunk/ 1. a little fix for scheduler + correct comments
2. refactored window activation/ process termination/ getting active process
3. deleted dead code in checkwindows
4. eliminated almost all accesses to 0x3020+...+0xe, changed to direct process number
5. cli/sti in vesa12 and vga drivers and in calculatescreen
6. skipping dead windows in some funcs in
101 5448d 09h poddubny /kernel/trunk/core/ Updated scheduler - now change_task and irq0 handler don't intersect so ugly. The code became more straightforward. By the way, it is also faster.  
100 5454d 16h halyavin /kernel/trunk/core/ Fixed bug with sending EOI in change_task procedure (it shouldn't send it).  
66 5549d 12h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Debug subsystem: added DRx registers support  
40 5624d 14h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ *Reduced size of boot code. (diamond)
*Debug API added. (diamond)

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