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6333 1970d 10h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: new app loader  
6263 1992d 06h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: framebuffers code  
5788 2162d 01h serge /kernel/trunk/ Kernel: minor cleanup  
5365 2399d 14h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ kernel: fix stupid bug in map_page_table()  
5363 2399d 20h yogev_ezra / Change copyright year in kernel and drivers to 2015. No code changes.  
5359 2402d 00h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: total globalization  
5357 2402d 01h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ kernel: validate PTE bits before mapping  
5356 2402d 01h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: update PTE bits  
5130 2512d 08h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: kolibri-process merged into trunk. This is my little gift to myself for my birthday.  
5057 2536d 06h clevermouse / fix SB16 driver broken in r3727, convert to PE  
5032 2546d 05h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ don't rely on BIOS for returning to real mode  
4608 2710d 02h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ reconfigure MTRRs after BIOS, enable write-combining framebuffer in more configurations  
4424 2770d 21h Serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: minor optimizations  
4418 2774d 05h clevermouse / separate USB host controller code into external drivers  
3786 2948d 04h Serge /kernel/trunk/core/ kernel:f68.27 load_file_umode  
3732 2958d 08h Serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: removed unnecessary duplication of BOOT_VAR  
3539 2990d 18h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ recode all kernel sources to UTF-8; binary still uses single-byte encoding and isn't changed at all  
3534 2991d 07h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ priorities in scheduler  
3486 3020d 04h Serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: cleanup  
3166 3124d 07h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/core/ get_pg_addr now correctly handles the kernel large page  

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