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8977 211d 00h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen] Ignore symbols marked in a comment as '@dont_give_a_doxygen'  
8976 211d 00h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen] Optimize identifier classification mechanism (stable 5% speedup)  
8975 211d 01h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen] Only parse files if no `--clean` key provided  
8974 211d 01h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen] Translate dict in AsmReaderReadingComments into just a set of fields  
8973 211d 01h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen] Remove unuseful method  
8967 211d 04h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen] Reimplement --clean key  
8966 211d 05h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen] Optimize: only parse not parsed before files  
8963 211d 07h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen] Parse function arguments, used registers and calling convention  
8961 211d 10h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen][parse_variable] No reason to read comments by hand anymore  
8958 212d 01h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [doxygen] Handle structures  
8957 212d 02h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [asmxygen] Rewrite parser to make it smarter, parse existing comments  
8856 225d 10h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Remove debug output  
8855 225d 10h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Implement macro arguments parsing  
8846 226d 21h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Implement very basic macro and struct documentation generation  
8844 226d 21h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Add basic support for labels  
8842 226d 21h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Add basic function support  
8841 226d 22h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Implement variable doxygen generation  
8837 227d 10h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Configure behaviour using script arguments  
8835 227d 11h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Disable clean_generated_stuff flag by default  
8834 227d 11h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel] Make asmxygen generate doxygen C-like files in docs/doxygen and implement very basic variable doxygen generation  

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