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60 5739d 11h halyavin /kernel/tags/kolibri0.5.3.0/ tag for Kolibri  
58 5748d 00h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fixed bug - COM modem completely does not work.  
57 5748d 17h mikedld /kernel/trunk/gui/ Fix to saving window position code  
56 5752d 08h halyavin /kernel/trunk/detect/ fixing bug with keyboard and mouse in VmWare (from diamond).  
54 5755d 00h mikedld /kernel/trunk/gui/ Fixes to skin drawing code, in case default.skn wasn't loaded on OS startup
Prevent creation of buttons with negative or zero width/height
53 5755d 05h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Fixes to skin drawing code, in case default.skn wasn't loaded on OS startup  
52 5755d 06h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Allow programs to draw negative pixels and lines
Save window bounds (not just position) before rolling up or maximizing
New functions:
48/7 - get skin margins
48/8 - set window skin
49 5769d 08h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ *Real* fix for VRR problem
Fixes to workarea management code
Removed check_window_move_request from osloop, now windows are moved immediately
New skins format - all skin data in in separate file now (*.skn)
Changed skinned window drawing accordingly
48 5771d 11h halyavin /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ small bug in ramdrive save function  
46 5773d 08h halyavin /kernel/trunk/boot/ fixes of boot code from diamond for correct restarting from memory  
45 5782d 01h mario79 /kernel/trunk/gui/ Fix error VRR+FULLSCREEN WINDOW  
44 5784d 01h halyavin /kernel/trunk/core/ fixing bugs in from diamond  
43 5784d 06h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ fix in struct macro for new versions of fasm  
41 5786d 12h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ changes/improvements in maximize/minimize/rollup windows functionality
added functions:
48/5 - get screen workarea
48/6 - set screen workarea
40 5793d 05h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ *Reduced size of boot code. (diamond)
*Debug API added. (diamond)
39 5795d 04h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ *size of memory manager code reduced
*18/17 function returns physical memory size now
(it returned size of allocatable memory previously).
38 5799d 08h halyavin /kernel/trunk/gui/ fix strange button drawing for bright buttons  
36 5805d 00h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ New algorithm of output of a mouse pointer  
35 5807d 08h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ fixed bug with windows active/inactive caption (aw_yes variable converted to parameter).  
34 5807d 08h halyavin /kernel/trunk/boot/ some fixes in boot code  

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