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9069 97d 21h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- added more structures
- added function ahci_find_cmdslot
- small fixes
9068 101d 20h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/ kolibri-ahci:
- add ahci_send_cmd
- add ahci_flush_cmd
- add ahci_port_rebase
- other small changes
9065 104d 17h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- add functions start_cmd and stop_cmd
- small changes
9064 104d 20h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- added FIS structures
- shorten some names in HBA_MEM structure
9051 107d 02h turbocat /kernel/branches/Kolibri-F/ Kolibri-F:
- Added sprintf to the kernel.
- Added a notification from @notify when there are exceptions in the application.
- Added debug files to bochs
9048 108d 18h Boppan /kernel/branches/kolibrios-pe-clevermouse/ [CLEVERMOUSE_PE_KERNEL] Apply CleverMouse PE patch  
9047 108d 18h Boppan /kernel/branches/kolibrios-pe-clevermouse/ [KERNEL] Get ready to apply CleverMouse PE patch  
9037 109d 18h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- started implementing drives detect
- other fixes
9024 109d 23h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci: refactoring  
9023 110d 01h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- improve controller initialization
- some refactoring
9022 110d 14h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/ kolibri-ahci: delete file added by mistake  
9021 110d 14h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/ kolibri-ahci: added missed files + info with useful links  
9020 110d 15h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/ kolibri-ahci: upload first results on AHCI support  
9019 110d 15h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/ Create kolibri-ahci branch  
8988 114d 17h turbocat /kernel/branches/Kolibri-F/ Recreation of the Kolibri-F branch. Part 2  
8987 114d 17h turbocat /kernel/branches/ Recreation of the Kolibri-F branch. Part 1  
8986 114d 23h turbocat /kernel/branches/Kolibri-F/ Kolibri-F:
- Added syscall_ common name for system call functions.
- Fixed not logical names of system calls of functions.
8985 115d 01h turbocat /kernel/branches/Kolibri-F/ a new branch of the Kolibri-F core was created  
8670 192d 17h Alex2003 /kernel/branches/kolibri-e/ roadmap for kolibri e 0.1  
8096 378d 18h Alex2003 /kernel/branches/kolibri-e/ дорожная карта kolibri-e в формате utf-8

kolibri-e roadmap in utf-8 format

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