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9224 96d 02h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ update  
9223 96d 04h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ fix bug in my fix bug  
9222 96d 04h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ fix bug in sf 4  
9221 101d 03h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ kernel: Fix window redraw after 1px move.

- window A is above window B, and
- window A has been moved,
then window B receives a redraw event.

But if that move was 1px right or down, window B didn't receive an event
because of off-by-one error. Now it's fixed.
9219 102d 21h punk_joker /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ ahci: name drives as sdX instead of hdX  
9192 135d 02h turbocat /kernel/branches/ Removed useless kolibri-f branch  
9191 135d 02h turbocat /kernel/branches/kolibri-lldw/ Created a branch for low-level work with disks  
9185 139d 21h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ kernel: fix export of file_system_lfn_protected.

This function returns values not in registers but in their images on
stack. Therefore we have to wrap a call with pushad/popad.
9184 140d 08h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci: code style fixes  
9183 140d 08h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ Merge kolibri-ahci into trunk  
9168 150d 09h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/ kolibri-ahci:
- fix bug with identical names for all disks
9166 151d 00h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- added write, seems to work
9162 152d 05h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- fix bugs with prdt overflow
- full refactoring of disk reading
- added fdo verbosity control
- other changes
9151 156d 03h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/docs/ Fix typo  
9145 160d 12h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- fixed two stupid errors, now work in qemu
9143 161d 00h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- added ahci_read
9142 161d 09h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- important register preseving
9141 161d 10h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- added ahci_read_first_sector and it works
- temporariry removed ahci_read
- small changes
9140 161d 22h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- added disk registration in system
- added ahci_read (DOES NOT WORK, TODO), ahci_querymedia
- other changes
9139 162d 09h rgimad /kernel/branches/kolibri-ahci/blkdev/ kolibri-ahci:
- use spinlocks (added two functions) instead of delays in ahci_port_identify
- small changes

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