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7644 827d 10h leency / 1. loaddrv: show load drv result, show hint on error
2. no need to use for only one mcall
3. small fix in sysfuncs.txt
4. remove duplicated vendors in pcidev app
7607 875d 09h leency /kernel/trunk/ update kernel build.bat  
7603 876d 21h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Check for Catalan language, fix 'ca' build.  
7601 876d 21h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ kernel: set syslang variable according to  
7598 877d 00h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Fix compilation with extended_primary_loader.  
7587 893d 23h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/docs/ Translate events_subsystem.txt into English.  
7586 893d 23h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Do not hardcode preboot timeout, use PREBOOT_TIMEOUT macro.  
7546 999d 00h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ Relax Protective MBR checks.  
7536 1002d 01h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Fix ICMP Echo reply, broken in #5522  
7535 1002d 01h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Fix ARP Reply, broken in #5522  
7522 1006d 21h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Fix kernel crash on high screen resolution.

Replace hardcoded numbers with macros, add runtime checks.
7510 1009d 03h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/video/ Fix check_mouse_area_for_getpixel_new in 16BPP mode.  
7477 1021d 01h leency / rforces: use newer version for autobuild  
7475 1022d 01h leency / uPDF: working "open" button, update build script, start migration to kolibri.c from SHELL  
7474 1022d 05h leency / kernel: fix regression r5164 which broke blitter in 24bpp mode  
7327 1073d 08h pavelyakov / По решению администрации убрал функцию  
7325 1073d 11h pavelyakov /kernel/trunk/core/ Fixed error code and optimized function  
7323 1075d 08h pavelyakov /kernel/trunk/core/ Fixed error  
7322 1075d 08h pavelyakov /kernel/trunk/core/ Fix style  
7321 1075d 08h pavelyakov / Added KERNEL process  

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