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2220 3896d 10h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ NET branch:
- cleanup in + re-organisation of device pointers
- i8255x driver stub
- fix in sis900 driver (still untested)
2219 3897d 00h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi: define IRQ_PIC, IRQ_APIC  
2218 3897d 05h Serge /kernel/trunk/ merge acpi #2217  
2217 3897d 17h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ map_io_mem: set proper region size  
2214 3898d 14h mario79 /kernel/trunk/gui/ - fix for r.1474  
2212 3898d 19h Serge /kernel/branches/ acpi: read ioapic & local apic bases  
2209 3899d 17h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi: merge trank  
2208 3900d 15h mario79 /kernel/trunk/network/ I very much hope that this is the last fix for r.2129. This revision makes me cry.  
2186 3903d 21h mario79 /kernel/trunk/network/ fix for r2129  
2171 3906d 20h mario79 /kernel/trunk/hid/ CAPS LOCK for ASCII key  
2167 3908d 03h serge /kernel/trunk/ merge kolibri_acpi #2156  
2166 3908d 03h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/core/ rename IRQ_EOI(irq) -> __fastcall irq_eoi(irq)  
2164 3910d 16h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ heap: fix memory leakage  
2157 3913d 02h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ taskman:fix error reporting  
2156 3913d 04h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ kernel_heap: hash table for memory descriptors  
2154 3913d 21h serge /kernel/trunk/ merge kolibri-acpi #2151  
2151 3913d 22h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ kernel heap: new allocator for block descriptors  
2150 3914d 05h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ merge trunk 2149  
2149 3915d 06h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ v86: fix wrong irq number  
2147 3915d 18h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/network/ fix for r2129  

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