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1463 4140d 05h art_zh /kernel/trunk/bus/pci/ PCIexpress: extended configurator  
1462 4145d 01h art_zh /kernel/trunk/bus/pci/ allocation bug for prefetched BARs fixed  
1461 4149d 21h diamond /kernel/trunk/core/ changes in free memory checks from Maxis (bug #9)  
1460 4151d 14h Lrz /kernel/trunk/gui/ small changes  
1455 4164d 23h art_zh /kernel/trunk/ 1) back to #1451 to save some phys. memory
2) non-PSE paging restored
3) documentation corrected
1454 4166d 18h art_zh /kernel/trunk/ Number of system pages corrected  
1453 4168d 06h art_zh /kernel/trunk/ useless i486-code removed from  
1452 4168d 21h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ Maxis fixes: stupid bug in load_file()  
1451 4170d 17h art_zh /kernel/trunk/ kernel PTE initialization bug fixed  
1450 4171d 06h diamond /kernel/trunk/ unpacker code is now aware of file type field in packed files  
1448 4172d 20h diamond /kernel/trunk/ identical mapping of first physical page in V86
(some BIOSes use physical address of ds:si for int 13h)
1447 4175d 04h diamond /kernel/trunk/ fixed sysfn 18.13 broken in rev. 684  
1445 4187d 04h art_zh /kernel/trunk/docs/ application address corrected in syfn9 docs  
1434 4200d 21h serge / linux-like kernel mutexes  
1425 4217d 23h diamond /kernel/trunk/detect/ reverted wrong file from previous commit  
1424 4217d 23h diamond /kernel/trunk/ fixed behaviour with too big window sizes broken in rev. 1391  
1420 4226d 21h diamond /kernel/trunk/video/ size of temporary array for wallpaper code increased
due to fact that highest resolutions are possible
(should fix problems with wallpaper in high resolutions)
1419 4228d 21h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/fs/ Fixed bug when working with a large number of groups of blocks  
1410 4233d 01h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/ reworked search partition on HDD  
1400 4237d 01h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/fs/ ext2. return correct date/time  

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