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1400 4152d 01h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/fs/ ext2. return correct date/time  
1398 4152d 18h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/fs/ ext2. fix bug in hdReadFolder cycle  
1397 4152d 19h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/fs/ support russian filenames in ext2  
1396 4152d 22h diamond /kernel/trunk/ fixed DEBUGF with %s and addressing with esp  
1394 4153d 20h diamond /kernel/trunk/core/ fixed debugging broken in rev. 1329  
1393 4154d 00h art_zh /kernel/trunk/ memmap info corrected  
1392 4154d 02h diamond /kernel/trunk/ more correct background redraw  
1391 4154d 20h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ gui/
+ new file for GUI-related mouse events handling (old renamed)
gui/ and gui/
* refactoring in regards of new
* obsolete code eliminated
* old'n'ugly `check_buttons` and `checkwindows` removed
* events handlers added
* moved GUI-related syscalls and auxilary functions from kernel.asm
* removed registers cross-ordering from syscall 67 (window move/resize)
+ more comments added
known bugs include:
1. apps using syscall 67 (kfar etc.) may not redraw their old screen area leaving ghost images
2. possibility of mouse cursor artefacts may have increased (this *really* has to be reworked)
1389 4156d 22h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/fs/ small fix  
1388 4157d 03h art_zh /kernel/trunk/ corrected; all free holes listed  
1387 4157d 21h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/fs/ ext2fs fix bugs with large file  
1384 4159d 20h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/fs/ ext2fs 70.5 support. fix bugs  
1381 4161d 16h diamond /kernel/trunk/gui/ fixed buttons code broken in rev. 1334  
1380 4164d 04h diamond /kernel/trunk/ do not unmask all IRQs  
1379 4168d 23h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/ small fix  
1378 4169d 00h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/ ext2fs support. read only  
1377 4170d 04h clevermouse /kernel/branches/net/drivers/ fix typo in network drivers  
1376 4177d 03h clevermouse /kernel/branches/net/ sync with trunk  
1375 4180d 22h Lrz /kernel/trunk/ some little changes  
1373 4182d 17h IgorA / deleted file 'editbox_ex.mac' all programs  

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