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85 6021 d 1 h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ Function 18/18 added. It terminate process by PID (instead of slot as in function 18/2).  
84 6032 d 18 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system addition: fileinfo structure allows new syntax  
83 6036 d 2 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system additions: create/rewrite files with long names  
82 6039 d 22 h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ Now kernel can be compiled with fasm 1.66.  
81 6043 d 20 h diamond /kernel/trunk/docs/ Corrected mistake in sysfuncr.txt (thanks to Maxxxx32)  
79 6050 d 20 h diamond / Added APM interface disconnection before real-mode shutdown.
Optimized FIRE program: code size 690->474, now it fits in one sector;
memory requirements 0.5Mb -> 200Kb.
78 6053 d 20 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Function 70.1 now supports ANSI+UNICODE. Flag CF in function 49 corrected.  
77 6055 d 19 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Some corrections in new file system functions. Added sysfuncr.txt docs.  
76 6059 d 18 h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Mihaylov Iliya Andreevich aka Ghost
Advanced Power Management
eax = 49
dx = number of the function APM BIOS (Is similar AX in real mode)
Others registers (bx, cx) on the specification (see. docs/>apm.txt)
Result: on the specification (including CF), the high part 32 bit registers is not defined
75 6060 d 20 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: read folders with long names and in new standard
System functions: many small corrections
74 6066 d 20 h mario79 /kernel/trunk/fs/ Elimination of hangup after the expiration hd_wait_timeou  
73 6069 d 3 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ correction of previous revision  
72 6069 d 3 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: LFN read 58.0x100 moved to 70.0  
71 6071 d 19 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: read files with long names (LFN)  
70 6073 d 19 h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Reserved of the function 70 for the new procedure of access to file systems
Request - Please not use this number for other purposes.
69 6077 d 15 h poddubny /kernel/trunk/ marked areas reserved by physical memory manager. fixed a little bug with cld/std with allocating and copying a physical memory block.
67 6083 d 20 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Now system doesn't draw background before its definition  
66 6085 d 18 h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Debug subsystem: added DRx registers support  
65 6098 d 13 h mario79 /kernel/trunk/fs/ find all Fat16/32 partition in all input point to MBR  
64 6101 d 14 h mario79 /kernel/trunk/fs/ Fix 58 functions LBA read, was earlier read only IDE0 the hard disk, now are read all.  

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