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9409 7h 53m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST][] Conform PEP8 except import  
9408 8h 20m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [ASMXYGEN] Conform PEP8 except line import re  
9407 12h 07m Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [ASMXYGEN] Convert indentation to spaces  
9406 1d 01h Doczom /kernel/trunk/core/ fix load driver
TODO: add function for unload driver
9405 1d 10h Coldy /kernel/trunk/core/ Fixed vulnerabilitie in sysfn 68.23 (system halt if the name doesn't exist)  
9404 2d 12h Boppan /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ [KERNEL] Update documentation of  
9403 2d 12h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [ASMXYGEN] Make it read comments before align specifier  
9402 2d 12h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [ASMXYGEN] Add debug mode to compare generated stuff  
9401 2d 13h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [ASMXYGEN] Only execute code on direct script execution  
9400 2d 13h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [ASMXYGEN] Move data closer to place it used  
9399 2d 13h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [ASMXYGEN] Do not mix declarations and code  
9398 2d 13h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [ASMXYGEN] Make keyword list compact  
9397 2d 14h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Prepare for full UMKa integration  
9395 3d 07h Boppan /kernel/trunk/network/ [KERNEL] Fix eth_input function documentation  
9394 3d 11h Boppan /kernel/trunk/network/ [KERNEL] Document eth_input function  
9387 3d 16h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Remove UMKa from the main repo for now  
9386 3d 16h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] Update ignore files in kernel folder  
9369 4d 12h Boppan /kernel/trunk/test/common/ [KERNEL][TEST] Use python library instead of custom function  
9343 9d 16h Boppan /kernel/trunk/umka/ [KERNEL][UMKA] Fix linux build  
9342 10d 04h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][UMKA] Make it compile and run on Windows  

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