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9078 96d 15h turbocat /drivers/include/ ddk:
- added new headers and fixed old ones
7143 1363d 21h serge /drivers/ ddk: v4.6.7  
6936 1552d 16h serge /drivers/ ddk: v4.5.7  
6934 1554d 01h serge /drivers/ ddk: v4.4.78  
6125 2095d 14h serge /drivers/include/ ddk: fixed bug with emty list in wake_up()  
6102 2101d 06h serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
6082 2108d 07h serge /drivers/ ddk: 4.4  
5270 2496d 20h serge /drivers/ ddk: 3.19-rc1  
5056 2623d 01h serge /drivers/ ddk: 3.17-rc1  
3747 3039d 20h Serge /drivers/include/ ddk: update includes  
3391 3145d 06h Serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
3031 3271d 14h serge /drivers/ video/drm: batch update  
2967 3340d 14h Serge /drivers/include/ update ddk includes  
2161 3705d 03h serge /drivers/include/ ddk: update includes  
1970 3778d 20h serge /drivers/ DDK update - includes  
1964 3779d 01h serge /drivers/include/ RC11 preliminary update - includes  
1870 3906d 18h serge /drivers/ ddk: missing files  
1633 4045d 17h serge /drivers/ devman: detect acpi irq  
1631 4047d 00h serge /drivers/ ddk: update
devman: scan pci bus. Complete.
1628 4049d 00h serge /drivers/ devman: scan pci bus. Not yet complete.  

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