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6947 2288 d 2 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8254x: Dont set auto-negotiation bit in transmit configuration register, it requires extra code to work properly.  
6717 2575 d 23 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Fixed eeprom reading for certain chips, detect PHY ID, improved reset.  
6713 2576 d 3 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Fix for rev6711.  
6711 2577 d 4 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Added more hardware diversities, refactored chip wake up procedure, set PCI_CMD_PIO bit to allow access to devices which have this bit disabled by default.  
6682 2585 d 3 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ RTL8139: Do not register driver if reset failed.  
6480 2667 d 5 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ RTL8169: Fixed total received byte counter.  
6229 2850 d 22 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Fixed error in TX configuration register.  
6227 2850 d 22 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ RTL8139 Link status: full/half duplex detection.  
6124 2864 d 0 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Added some more MAC identifiers.  
6119 2864 d 2 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Print TxConfig register value to debug board for unlisted rtl8169 clones.  
5617 3054 d 10 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ PCNET32: Correctly handle interrupts when more then one device is loaded.  
5588 3060 d 5 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8254x: Link detection  
5567 3108 d 23 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ RTL8169: Fail graciously when out of mem.  
5562 3112 d 2 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8255x: Cleanup, Better handeling of received frames.  
5561 3113 d 10 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8255x: Fail graciously when out of mem.  
5560 3113 d 10 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8255x: Fixed memory leak when i8255x runs out of resources.  
5527 3184 d 7 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8254x: reduced network buffer size  
5525 3184 d 10 h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8255x: cleanup + support for multiple TX descriptors.  
5522 3184 d 23 h hidnplayr / New network buffers - phase I  
5498 3197 d 1 h hidnplayr / RTL8169: cleanup + link state detection.
Netstat: fixed some link state messages.

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