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1765 3766d 03h clevermouse / add missing files for r1764  
1764 3766d 03h clevermouse / autobuild HLL stuff  
1695 3842d 11h serge /drivers/audio/a5536/ geode: DEV_GET_POS call done right  
1692 3845d 03h serge /drivers/audio/a5536/ geode: DEV_GET_POS call  
1633 3882d 21h serge /drivers/ devman: detect acpi irq  
1631 3884d 04h serge /drivers/ ddk: update
devman: scan pci bus. Complete.
1630 3885d 17h serge /drivers/ radeon:fix compilation & minor updates  
1628 3886d 05h serge /drivers/ devman: scan pci bus. Not yet complete.  
1627 3886d 17h serge /drivers/ ddk: fix strcpy
devman: scan pci root bus
1625 3887d 09h serge /drivers/devman/ scan acpi bus and create device tree  
1616 3899d 20h serge /drivers/ 1)rename libdrv -> libddk
2)thread safe malloc
3)linux dma_pool_*
1613 3901d 18h serge /drivers/ update usb driver  
1605 3908d 01h serge /drivers/usb/uhci/ 1) create skeleton queues
2) install irq handlers & enable uhci interrupts
1604 3908d 01h serge /drivers/ddk/ 1) import AttachIntHandler
2) skip log if interrupts masked
1600 3910d 06h serge /drivers/usb/uhci/ 1) small optimisation
2) build with ddk headers and libs
1500 3986d 22h serge /drivers/devman/ print valid device HID  
1499 3987d 01h serge /drivers/devman/ fix Makefile  
1498 3987d 01h serge /drivers/devman/ acpica library  
1434 4079d 22h serge / linux-like kernel mutexes  
1430 4087d 06h serge /drivers/ kms rc10: Evergreen  

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