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9797 26d 17h dunkaist / [autobuild] Fix asm-only and no-gcc build  
9751 57d 16h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Rhine: Improved chip detection  
9750 57d 17h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ AR81XX: Fix chip detection  
9583 136d 19h vitalkrilov / Fixed all misuse of "/rd/1" (changed to "/sys"; all except "/programs/*" and "/kernel/*")
ati2d: fixed log creation
9569 139d 10h punk_joker / AR8152: activate supporting by serzhu  
9503 146d 19h turbocat /drivers/audio/a5536/ Geode (a5536) driver added to autobuild.  
9502 146d 20h turbocat /drivers/ Delete old acpi sources  
9500 146d 20h turbocat /drivers/devman/acpica/ ACPICA: fix Makefile  
9499 146d 20h turbocat /drivers/devman/ Devman (acpi.sys):
- Fixed errors breaking build;
- Added to auto build;
9498 146d 20h turbocat /drivers/devman/acpica/ ACPICA: Added setting a custom path for the log.  
9493 146d 22h turbocat /drivers/include/ DDK headers:
- Delete old acpi headers (use acpica headers)
- Fixed pci functions to use devman.
9492 146d 22h turbocat /drivers/devman/acpica/ ACPICA: Added to autobuild.  
9479 147d 23h leency /drivers/audio/a5536/ fix build  
9478 147d 23h leency /drivers/audio/a5536/ geode loader: load driver from the same folder  
9425 158d 17h leency / docs/config.txt: change *.obj to *.sys in the sound section  
9285 186d 20h punk_joker /drivers/audio/ HDA: Add AMD Matisse vendor:device ids  
9274 188d 14h leency / Rename drivers:
- intelac97 > ac97
- intel_hda > hdaudio
To fit into 8.3
9243 200d 17h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8255x: Link detection.  
9232 201d 18h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8255x: Improved interrupt handling.  
9188 253d 04h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ 3C59X: Improved interrupt handeling. Small fixes (magic numbers, delays)  

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