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9079 3d 05h turbocat /drivers/sensors/ the "k10temp" driver has been ported.
created "coretemp" based on memtest86
9078 3d 05h turbocat /drivers/include/ ddk:
- added new headers and fixed old ones
9058 14d 03h turbocat /drivers/ddk/io/ ddk:
- Fixed typo
9057 14d 03h turbocat /drivers/ ddk:
- Fixed Makefile
- Added FS_Service instead of calling system call 70
9056 14d 03h turbocat /drivers/ Drivers:
Added FS_Service to fasm includes
9012 20d 08h Boppan /drivers/examples/test/ [drivers][example] Make the example compile
- Rename `ksys_drv_ctl_t` to `ksys_ioctl_t`
- Change path to kolibri-libc (libc.obj)
8997 22d 08h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ RTL8169: RX overrun fixed  
8911 35d 05h leency / devman/acpi.asm: run acpi.dll from its folder  
8910 35d 05h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ PcNET32: Link detection for MII enabled devices.  
8898 36d 05h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ PcNET32: Handle FIFO overruns gracefully.  
8897 36d 05h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ PcNET32: General cleanup  
8896 36d 06h hidnplayr / Add network packet error counters.  
8724 65d 07h dunkaist / Fix autobuild.  
8704 88d 05h turbocat /drivers/examples/c_drv/ Driver example:
- Removed printk.
- c_drv.dll file has become smaller than (6kb-> 407b)
8703 88d 07h turbocat /drivers/examples/ - Added the simplest examples of drivers (fasm and kos32-gcc).
- Added a program for testing them.
8384 225d 23h bw /drivers/old/ uart driver  
8038 410d 09h hidnplayr /drivers/unfinished/ Cardbus driver bugfixes  
7827 455d 07h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Add chip type detection. Only QCA816x/7x supported so far.  
7809 463d 08h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Atheros 8161/8162/8171/8172 Ethernet driver.
Only tested on AR8171 with rev B0 chip.
7737 501d 00h dunkaist /drivers/audio/ intel_hda: Add AMD RavenRidge vendor:device ids.

Also, set memory space bit in PCI Command register at initialization.
This enables sound at least on my laptop.

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